Martin Látal, GIS specialist, music composer, producer


Experiences in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) building and planning. Specialized in project design and management of GIS in District Office. Proficient in ArcGIS SW.



1979-1983, The Secondary Electric-technical school in Olomouc, specialization: Measure and Automation Technical, 1993-1988, Electric-technical Faculty in Brno, specialization: Electric-technology, 1995-1996, Technical University of VSB in Ostrava (postgraduate study - 4 semesters), specialization: Geographic Information Systems, 2000-2002, Faculty of physical culture of Palacký University in Olomouc (4 semesters), specialisation: Fencing training.


At the age of 8 I began to play piano under supervision of Mrs. Olga Hájková in the Music School Žerotín in Olomouc. After 4 years I changed the music instrument to Trumpet. I played trumpet for 6 years since 1983 under supervision of Mr´s J. Píše and F. Záruba. In 1983 I was very happy to meet Mr. Stanislav Vrbík, who let me to play the royal instrument - pipe organ. This man was a writer, a composer and an organist almost 60 years in St. Wenceslas´ cathedral. He died in 1987 and for myself it was a big loss, because he was my real close friend and I thank to him for showing me the way to the organ and this beautiful world of tones. Under his supervision I realized 4 organ concerts and after his death other concerts in co-operation with my friends. Since 1995 I have been creating my own relax music and music in the Light Classical Music style, I opened The listening studio Morfeus.


Birthdate: August 19, 1964 in Olomouc. Hobbies: Sports - fencing (cheef and trainer of the Fencing Club Serm Sokol Sternberk), swimming, table tennis. Marital status: married, wife Zdenka, children: Petr, Jan, David, Marie. Foreign languages: English-good, German-basic, Russian-good, Slovak-basic, French-basic.